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How to pop your anxiety bubble

The last few weeks have been a huge shock to the system for everyone.  Covid-19 has had a massive impact on everyone globally.  For me personally, my Virtual Assistant business is feeling the pinch because our clients are being badly impacted, my husband will be out of work at the end of the month, and like you, I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen or where our money is going to come from.  Yet somehow, I feel calm and positive about the future. 

Do I get anxious?  Yes of course I do.  Daily.  My anxiety starts in the pit of my stomach and quickly rises to my throat where it takes hold of me like a vice.  But I’ve decided that feeding my anxiety will only encourage it to grow.  Instead I’m choosing to be grateful for everything I’ve got, to be considerate of how other people are being impacted in a far worse way than me, to accept that there’s nothing I can do except keep on doing what I’m already doing, and to keep positive about the future.  So, when my anxiety bubble surges upwards I have a quiet word with it and remind it to be grateful and to go away.  I get a metaphorical pin and pop that bubble! 

We have no control over the big picture.  All we can do is control what we can even if that’s just a few small things around us.  So, keep well, look after yourself and others if you can, and let’s hope for a brighter future.


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