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How to be a Thousandaire

If you’ve been looking for a no-hype, practical guide to get your microbusiness growing so you can live life on your terms, you’re in the right place.

How To Be a Thousandaire shares what to do, in the right order, so you develop the vision, resilience and practical know-how to run a business that works for you, whatever curveballs life throws.

I wrote this book to help more business owners reach their personal sweet spot – the right mix of time, energy and money to be fulfilled in their work and life. You’ll find tools, exercises and tips you can use and adapt to your own business industry and life circumstances to create a model that works for you.  

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‘In the book Catherine tackles many questions close to my heart, with the micro-business world as her focus. A much-needed addition to the conversation around leadership and doing successful, inspiring business.’ Leigh Bowman-Perks, CEO of Inspiring Leadership International and Author of Inspiring Women Leaders

‘Pure brilliance’ Nikki Coverdale, microbusiness owner - The IFA PA

‘It’s like having a wise friend in the room, showing you how you are enough, it can be done and giving you that gentle but firm nudge to actually start growing your business rather than dreaming about it.’ Gayle Johnson, microbusiness owner - Red Tree Writing  

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